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Winding Walls

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Illinois Institute of Technology / co Colombia
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Andrés Infante

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Espacios Públicos

Every year, during summer, Sheep Meadow becomes one of the most populated places in Central Park. During the season, thousands of visitors gather here to enjoy the weather, the tranquility and the landscape. Unfortunately, the Meadow’s perimeter is completely fenced with only a few perforations allowing entrance. 
Winding Walls is a study on how to create an appropriate transition to the meadow. This study is challenged by the idea of creating a gate and incorporating spaces without creating additional boundaries.

The pavilion is set on the north-east corner of the meadow. This corner is the most elevated point of the meadow, allowing users to cascade down from the gate to the esplanade. It is also accessible from multiple pedestrian roads, all of them equidistant from the borders of the park. In this sense, all users arriving to gates will have had equally transitioned out from a dense built environment to a more naturalistic one. As soon as visitors get in front of the pavilion, trees unveil its axiality with Columbus Circle, along with the accentuated skyline.
Winding Walls takes shape as a sculptural composition of two independent walls that bend in multiple directions in order to generate pockets within itself. These pockets are ultimately perceived as spaces: spaces hosting a multiplicity of activities. The structure is built from mass-timber and allows for a partial user permeability between its two faces; which is be encouraged by the program. In the middle of the circulation, the walls create a venue. Users circulating by the main axis are able to seamlessly join and experience spectacles, without disrupting the space or the performance. Tree exhibit spaces located at the ends of the walls display sculptures and invite users to utilize both sides of the walls. A fifth space is available to host spontaneous activities.

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