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Water infrastructure of urban growth for rehabilitation and supplying of Bijlmermeer

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Universidad de Alcalá / es Spain
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Alejandro Martin Barreiro

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The thesis project, which develops a water canal infrastructure, brings us to a similar situation to that proposed by Cedric Price: recovering an obsolete and unused canal in the degraded neighbourhood of Bijlmermeer, Amsterdam. This regeneration is accomplished through different strategies: the landscape rehabilitation of the surroundings, the rehabilitation of the canal as a productive fluvial infrastructure and the reconfiguration of the urban structure of Bijlmermeer from this new system. The purpuse is to improve the social environment and life quality for the underprivileged.

Locks will be placed to connect both canals, in order to transform them into a fluvial infrastructure. Certain types of ships are proposed as modifiers, with different depths and lengths. The heart of this infrastructure lies in a building structure which will be constructed by itself and will support the rest of the canal.
The building germ evolves with time and has the ability, not only to be assembled and disassembled, but also to expire, givings the project an innovative condition.

The building germ is designed to build, extend and remove the urban city. As Stan Allen proposed in his article "Mat Urbanism" it is a project that is inextricably linked to its scale and the extensive territory condition. The separation in terms of infrastructure, engineering and architecture in the proposed project will entail a great difficulty.

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