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Watch Out!

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Nicholas Dunning

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How do we effectively educate visitors about the complex ecological balance found in Amazonia? This project inhabits every level of the rainforest and river, from the tree canopy to the river floor. The architecture does not seek to compete with the beauty of the nature, it is there to curate a view for the visitors and help frame an educational experience. Each installation is unique in its approach based on what part of the jungle it focuses on and what is found in that part.

The Amazon rainforest is a wild and diverse part of our world. It holds one in ten known species of animals on earth and each square kilometer of forest can hold over 1,000 different tree species. It is a biologically and ecologically diverse place.

And the rainforest is not just the river and the trees, it is many more layers. We can analyse the forest as six separate parts:
{i} the emergent treetops
{ii} the canopy and understorey
{iii} the forest floor
{iv} the roots and soil
{v} the river shoreline
{vi} underwater

By breaking the forest into the six parts, the proposal seeks to educate visitors through isolated immersion in each sector. Between each installation, visual stimulus is reduced by walking through tunnels or above ground in an environment different from the installation to create a more memorable experience at each point of the educational journey.

Watch out! plays on the theme of watching nature and watching out for the nature. Visitors will leave the nature observatory with a deeper knowledge of how the rainforest works and a better sense of the drive to save it.

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