Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF1412-Reframing the Fjord

VOF - 1412
University of New Mexico / us United States
2 members
Yu Zhou
Sunanda Sharmin

The Geirangerfjord is a place of inspiring natural beauty and wonder. The aim of the design is to create spaces where this beauty and interaction with it takes the central role. The proposal is based on two themes: experience and connection. Visitors understand the Fjords in different ways, observing it through a framed view and by physically exploring it. The two different experience is achieved by two proposed structure, one is a tilted rectangle on one side of the gorge, the other at its opposite that is shaped as a frame. Contemplation is evoked through the act of being in an enclosed space in front of a framed view of the Fjord and through connection that invites physical exploration of it. The framed view of the Fjords in the Tilted Rectangle focuses the perception and draws attention to what is in front, a place only for oneself and nature. This view itself becomes an inspiration for the visitor, rather than a backdrop. For the Rectangle, renewable energy approaches play a key part. The Frame on the other side brings connection through physical exploration, contemplation of a different kind, that is, becoming a part of nature. It engages not only the eyes, but also sense of smell and the body. The two structures tell a complete story of the Fjords that is more dynamic in nature.

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