Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1399
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Szent István University / hu Hungary
3 members
Kovács Laura
Marcell Loránd Kiss
Yang Zhu Qing

Project type:

Catching the Borders

The purpose of our design is getting to know the boundaries. There are boundaries between: the mountain and the gulf, the dense forest and the glade, the peaceful trickling of the brook and the deep dive of water, or movement and peace. Visitors here can not only face the variety of scenery but also have the opportunity to get to know their own boundaries.

Our chosen area is located on the northern shore of Geirangerfjord, north east from the Seven Nurses waterfall. The stream along which we have planned our proposal, supplies the waterfalls of Bringefossen-Gomsdalfossen, which are less popular than the surrounding ones.

In addition, we thought of hikers wishing for a short rest: they can warm up themselves in the building; for this reason a fireplace is waiting for people inside the building as well as the comfortable sitting surface. Besides, refilling of flasks is possible as the precipitation water is cleaned by mechanical filter systems.

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