Viewpoint of the Fjords

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Cristian Fuentes

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From Wald "Forest" + Einsamkeit "Solitude." "Waldeinsamkeit" = "The feeling of loneliness in the forest."

The proposal for the project "Point of view of the fjords" presents a space that connects the user with the environment. The Norwegian fjords are a natural wonder from their rivers to the mountains that, together with the views, are one of the most emblematic travel points in the world. Two basic ideas; one, the connection with nature: - "The Wald," the slopes of the Fjords are one of the most emblematic natural features of Norway, where nature plays a key role, by creating a unique path that sculpts the cliff and connects the point of sight with the mountain.

The idea of ​​"solitude" in the "forest" - "The Einsamkeit," an invisible volume creates a diffusion of any indication in the change of the landscape to connect all the adventurous users with the views of the cliff. The volume oriented to "The waterfall of the Seven Sisters" gives a unique view to this natural monument. The glass cube that connects the individual with its surroundings, at a height of 505 m, offers a unique experience in which all views open and frame the environment in a transparent structure supported by a steel frame embedded in the mountain, creating an illusion of floating and helps to experience all the natural beauties that the Fjords have.

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