Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1366
Faculty of Architecture University in Belgrade / rs Serbia
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Borko Markovic
Dusan Munic

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After carefully studying and searching for the right location we decided to place our project between Gjerdefossen and Ørnesvingen-eagle road. The main reasons for this decision are excellent sun exposure and good connectivity with the town of Geiranger, thanks to the existing road and the adjacent parking lot. Geiranger is also known as one of the most popular cruise ports in Scandinavia.


Through the use of modern technology we explored the site of our interest and noticed an already existing viewpoint on the fjords which we integrated in our project by slightly modifying it's purpose. Further research and experimenting brought us to a decision to use the viewpoint as a new potential parking lot and entrance to the main unit from where the route leads to multiple smaller viewpoints which are connected with numerous tunnels.

All units will have extruded, randomized triangle concrete slopes forming specific forms and topography which we believe will wake curiosity and won't go unnoticed by incoming tourists coming from the sea and from the nearby road.

The part of The Main and largest unit from where everything begins is carved in a rock with glazed glass facade which provides its visitors with a pleasant break and a stunning view over the fjords during the rain and winter season.

As for the rest of the units, they will function as terraces from where the visitors can perceive the natural freshness of the entire environment surrounding the location.


The main purpose of the project is to give a strong sense of nature and connection to the surrounding environment from the inside as well as from the outside.

Variety in glazing, opened and uncovered arias will provide, throughout the year, pleasant spaces with wonderful views of the fjords.

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