Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1331
Politecnico di Torino / it Italy
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Francesca Turnaturi
Fabio   Vignolo

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Immersion and contact with the nature, relax and admiration of natural beauties, social engagement and reinforcement of friendship, those the key-words at the beginning of our project’s idea. A place where people can stay together, relaxing, enjoying landscape and the amazing view on the fjord. We imagined the viewpoint in a strategic point: on top of the mountain, about 600 mt above sea level, surrounded by one of the most famous and characteristic fjord of the Norway: the Geiranger fjord and it’s famous waterfalls.
The building is designed starting from two main point of view: the presence of the waterfalls, “The Seven Sisters” and the landscape view. Calling to mind this natural aspects, we chose to articulate the building into seven small blocks different one from the others for dimension and function. There are spaces for welcome, information and store, spaces for exhibition, spaces for relax and for refreshment. All those linked together from main characteristic: transparency of the walls and continuous connection between intern and external areas.
The biggest block is dedicated to welcome, reception and gadgets shop of fjords and Norway. One block is totally for contemplation of the view, one big window defines the entire external facade and part of the roof and gives to people the possibility of a total immersion into nature. Bar and restaurant are just functions given to a space where main idea is to improve social engagement. Big tables should involve people to socialize and communicate with friends and other tourists and mountain lovers.

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