Viewpoint of the Fjords

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Alixandra Hermanson
Brandon Hyatt
Joshua Trojan
McKenna  Vetter

In terms of natural beauty, Norway’s main attraction resides in the Fjords. Without the Massive glacial succession, there would be no Fjords, no waterfalls, and no valleys. The viewpoint “Cutting Ledge - Grasping the Past” reflects the idea of reaching out into the Fjords. Through the viewpoint, we focused on the idea of embracing the natural beauty of the past. The viewpoint consists of a series of platforms, gradually making its way down to the main view: The Seven Sisters Waterfalls. The platforms were sunken into the cliff side as an effective way to play with the landscape, all the while not disrupting the natural beauty of the Fjords, a key aspect of the competition. Instead of making our own beauty within the Fjords, we focused on playing off the existing landscape and The magnificent views as to have the most minimal disruption To the surrounding environment, in addition to the use of natural materials. Each platform forms a moment where you can reminisce focusing on different perspective views of the Fjords. With each moment, you are building up anticipation for the final attraction of The Seven Sisters Falls. It is in this scene, that The Cutting Ledge viewpoint frames, where you will see why the Fjords are a very important aspect of Norway’s culture.

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