Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1297
ETSAM / es Spain
2 members
Andrea Vazquez Greciano
Mario Hormigos Martínez

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The Norwegian Fjords represent the contrast between weight, matter and gravity of the stonewalls, and the light, ethereal and expanding atmosphere which veils the space.

Dialogue between opposites to enhance architecture.

As a cloud settling down just above the ground on the edge, a subtle architecture is proposed. The project seeks a space of reflection, transparence, light, air, and mystery through a series of planes that build the cloud.

An experience immersing in the cloud itself lets the view through openings on the planes, capturing light and landscape and bringing it towards you.

Being inside the cloud, vertical planes in different directions desmaterialise the surrounding space dimming the light.

Two opposites generate the structural system: The stone is sculpted to embrace the inner space.
Translucent walls raise from the ground building the structure of the ethereal viewpoint.

Atmosfære shapes the stillness of a leaning cloud.

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