Viewpoint of the Fjords

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OCAD University / ca Canada
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Gabriela Gallo

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"Isbre" pays homage to the creation of the fjords and how the beauty underneath the glaciers could not be seen until they retreated. Users experience a shortened timeline based on a visual experience as they travel through the design of the viewpoint from beginning to end. When they arrive at the viewpoint their vision of the fjords beauty is completely cut off. As they travel through, the layers of the design start to retreat at the sides of the user until they arrive at the observation deck where they have full view. On the observation deck, there is areas for seating, contemplating, and standing. A glass floor takes up the farthest end of the observation deck to allow for a final immersive experience in the fjord. The structure of design is a simple metal frame with a while poly carbonate cladding that stands out against the landscape.

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