Viewpoint of the Fjords

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-the sirkel-

- Expanding the point into a circle -
- Transforming the view-point into a continuous 360º contemplation experience -
Walking through the sirkel the visitor embraces a unique kind of observation. It’s not just static view, a point someone chose for you, it is a dynamic experience,
a view that keeps changing with every step you make.
The continuous curved circulation and leveled floor allow the eyes of the visitor to be focus only on the surroundings.
The circular shape allows not only to look-out into the landscape but to look-in, to the enclosed internal area, a closer look into the unique flora and fauna that the fjord has to offer.
The perfect circle breaks its shape by enhancing particular views, giving space for observation, without breaking the circulation flow.

Where the geirangerfjord bends itself, the sirkel finds a privileged spot to admire the landscape of the fjord at one of the highest points of the Skaglefa-Homlong walking track.
In this particular site we identify three main view focus, three waterfalls worth to stop and embrace: - the seven sisters, the bringefossen and the gjerdefossen. Each one with its own lookout framed by a timber balustrade showing brief information of what the viewer is looking at -flora, fauna, geological and historical data-
The sirkel works also as a compass for the visitor, giving them a full situational awareness in space and time: one of them shows the already walked path, the past, where they came from, the middle one represents the present moment, and the last one looks at the place they are going, the future.
The visitor chooses in which direction to do it.
The sirkel materializes by combining local building tradition and materials with sustainable technics and latest building technology.
- Glulam structure conforms the lightweight skeleton that can be built off-site and transported
-Timber kebony cladding and decking, giving a sustainable and zero-maintenance material finish, with a greying
process that will age into a silver-grey patina blending with the surrounding natural stone
- A stainless steel handrail materializes a strong and durable connection between the structure and the visitor.
The typical section is a form inspired on the Nordic wooden ships, an icon of Norway’s history & timber technology.
16 assembly modules form the circle, divided into two typical modules: -A- for circulation and -B- for contemplation.
The main glulam structure of the sirkel is built off-site trying to minimize the impact of the building on site.
Once the foundations and columns are set up, the transportation to the site is arranged, allowing the final stage, installing cladding, decking, handrails, and balustrades.

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