Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1234
Warsaw University of Technology / pl Poland
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Kaja Wiewióra
Anna Smołko
Katarzyna Ciżyńska

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The project creates a new point of view on the Norwegian fiords. A space strictly subordinated to nature. Simple block made out of gneiss was put on the water as a metaphore of the surrounding – fiords rising out of the water. Symmetry and framing are the key words. A path on the water leads the eye to the vertical window in the end of it. However, instead of going straight to what we see, the path takes us down – under the water, where entrance to the pavilion is located. On this level one can admire a wide shot looking across the underwater part of the fjords. The level above is different. Shapes of the windows fulfil the idea of leading the spectator to contemplate particular, cropped view. Every window with its shape and location catches specific element of the surrounding. The zero level is moved down a bit to show the line where the water meets the air. Material used in the project is taken from a local source.

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