Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1197
Universidad de Concepción / cl Chile
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Stephany Almendras Jelve
Eileen Garay Valenzuela
Paulina Concha Araneda

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The proyect seeks to evidence with a walkthrough and architectural interventions the processes of life, the stages of each person from childhood to old age. Starting from birth with an intervention of platforms in wich all can share and be part of it, like children who don't know the differences between people; moving forward we found the restaurant wich represents the adolescence, the point in wich people start to create ties with specific persons and spaces are created around the kitchen for this more moderate social interaction; continue to the cabins wich represent adulthood and the moment families are made, the core is even more intimate and with less people. Finally, the lookout is the tallest part of the intervention, it represents old age and the moment life is coming to an end, its lived through a lonely pathway wich descends to form part of the earth, at the end of the lookout there's a crystal box risen above the fjords, in this moment existence stops and what matters is nature, the universe and the immensity in wich we inhabit, in that moment we achieve transcendency.

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