Viewpoint of the Fjords

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Universidad de Navarra / es Spain
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Sandra Martínez

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Based on the respect for the privacy of nature and of the visitors, the nowhere-everywhere project is proposed. To keep this beautiful place as virgin as possible, most of the structures will develop underground. Like small ants in this huge valley, people will walk inside the mountains in endless labyrinthine paths, where it is possible to experiment unique experiences thanks to tricks of light and shadows, concave and convex forms, a variety of natural materials and of course, formidable hidden viewpoints. Every now and then, this inner structure will project outside in different shapes (squares, triangles, circles...), materials (steel, stone, mirror) and dimensions (2-20m2) creating unique viewpoints, where every type of visitor can find the place that match better with his or her mood. Moreover, in order to enjoy the space completely, several mountain hiking paths are proposed, with a variety of difficulty degrees. They will be just natural paths, in a way meant to keep nature as untouched as possible. However, to keep people safe and calm, different ephemeral structures will land on the valley. With a metallic skeleton and a fabric body, they will provide the best relax and respectful rest to the walkers. After the sunset, most of those structures will be removed until the next day, while others will be used as lamps for those who lagged behind.

Summarizing:a masterplan that allows to be nowhere-everywhere at the same time. Respecting nature and people.

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