Viewpoint of the Fjords

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KOS, in Norwegian, represents the luxury of simplicity, inner peace, the intimacy of a moment, personal satisfaction but at the same time collective of all that which brings enjoyment.

All of this lives in our idea of contemplation through a project that aims at creating an intimate relationship with nature and the landscape, separate from its beauty. A dialogue inspired by the projection towards the fjords, from the inner growth symbolized by its path.

The KOS project is meant to be a monument set among the fjords, as once related to the scale of the vast territory becomes a part of it: part of the rocks, part of nature.

The KOS project is designed to create a filter between exploration within nature and the moment of contemplation. This can only happen through an essential space, in which lights and shadows play, to reach out to an amazing nature, through the different observation points.

This passage prepares the observer to the wonder.

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