Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1176
Gdańsk University of Technology, Wrocław University of Technology / pl Poland
3 members
Aleksandra Ciesielska
Karolina Daniluk
Klaudia  Płońska

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The project features cross-functional item that enables a tourist to contemplate and admire glacial landscape. Umbrella mechanism was the starting point of this disruptive object that allows a tourist not only watch fjords from the sea level but also be an alternative for a trekking pole. It may function as a support during walking tourist trails. It can be unfolded in any place and you can get inside of it and float on the water. It is powered by a small engine that at the same time is a water filter. The engine is placed at the top of the handle, just below the mobile casing. This way of powering is entirely ecological and does not affect the environment. The invention can be steered by a handle placed in a "bowl". Our project introduces an entirely new and innovative way of understanding the word "an overlook". It does not affect the structure in a fjord in any way and does not require building new objects. Another important point is that it does not require manipulation of the ground.

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