Viewpoint of the Fjords

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Università degli studi di Genova / it Italy
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Giulia Sola
Agnese  Calissano
Michela Pinna

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Espacios Públicos

Once upon a time, there was a FRIEREN passing through the Geiranger fjords and searching for a place to stay. Finally he found shelter in a farm where a lord lived with his seven beautiful daughters. Fascinated by the seven beauties, the FRIEREN decided to marry one of them but, unfortunately, every day after a night of passion and wine, he couldn’t recognize the chosen one anymore. The years passed and the sisters, tired to be still unmarried, became inconsolable and shed so many tears that they created the famous waterfall of the Seven Sister. The merciless fate made the FRIEREN contemplate only the beauty of the Seven Sisters from the other side of the fiord.Now days The FRIEREN continues to stare at his seven desires from seven point of view standing at seven different altitudes. From the water till the sky the structure stays in contact with the cliff, following its natural curves.The project, with its organic shape, wants to be part of the characteristic fjord’s nature and tries to give users a 360° new view of the surrounding.

The starting point, a small pier, invites people to feel the principal element of the fiord, the water, before start the “hiking path”and climb up the vertical rocky sides of the Geirangerfjord. Along this walk, surrounded by nature, are present seven principal viewpoints, here can be found some informations about the landscape, the story and the culture of this magical place.
The idea is to deeply dive in the place’s stunning wildness, at first walking close to the fjord walls than going towards the opposite side.
The new object reaches the pre-existence path around 800m asl and ends with a tall column that marks the territory and represents the height of the experience.The whole path doesn’t need any lighting system because it is thought to be walked in the day light; any energy need to be used more than the energies of the “climbers”.
Looking to the sustainability of the project, the new path is designed using the wood, taking advance of the local material, which integrates perfectly in this amazing pristine paysage. In conclusion The Frieren’s projects doesn’t want to add activities but aim to increase the pure contact of visitors with this natural place.

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