Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1148
Politecnico di Milano / it Italy
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Claudio Avila
Vincenzo Cicero Santalena

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The new monument for “Geirangerfjord” is an unforgettable icon, physical translation of the strength that has originated the Fjords, the water. The water that has ideally dug the Norwegian mountain to drag the visitor into an experience that goes far beyond the only observation, giving to him an unexpected perception of her power. The observer becomes part of a descending movement more and more noisy, while we are going into a sort of ear whose amplified sound of the falls goes along the vision of it. The path leads even more down where a second platform lets observer admire how the impetuous erosive strength of the water turns into the quiet blue mirror that shapes Geiranger, a landscape of water-made mirrors entirely developed in height. The ascent makes us leave this place through a cylinder that finishes in a conic peak, and it lets us understand this place of passage with a turned look toward the sky and the rocky points that stand above us.

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