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VOF1143 - Nor_Way shellobservatory

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Federico II / it Italy
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Francesco Flore

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The design of Nor_Way shellobservatory is focused on different key points.
First: the soul of the place. So, to think about an architecture that will rise there, it must be subdued in order to respect the environment.
Environment is an important point also from the point of view of sustainability. Also for this reason there are two pools (not suitable for swimming). They can keep the heat in winter - filtered through the glass doors – and in summer they can keep cool people. The blocks compose the structure are 3d printed and inside them there is an air gap and above – not ever – a green coat. Green coati is an expedient known in Norwegian culture and it has been used because it has a huge value historical and functional.
The form of the architecture is the result of digital form finding applied to the features Scandinavian geometries. It was been chosen according to the best solution for distribution and the openings are positioned thinking about the sunshine, the landscape and in particular the “Seven Sister”. The architecture, indeed, has been positioned there in order to privilege the best overview.
As you can see, the pavilion is a multifunctional space, but the experience, together to the scenery, is the aurora obtained from the projections on the suspended wire that dance above the water.
Finally, the last key point is just the observation of the sky, indeed on the second floor there is an observatory where people can relax watching the stars.

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