Viewpoint of the Fjords

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Moscow Architectural Institute / ru Russian Federation
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Vlad Dudyrev

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The main mission of the design was to create an architectural environment that would not argue with the nature of the fjords.
The concept of architecture;
1. Design of the viewpoint used the idea of an amphitheater. The idea can be seen in the arrangement of the levels of the viewpoint at different heights so that people can sit on any of the levels and enjoy the magnificent landscape.
2. Viewpoint is located on the opposite bank with a wonderful view of the waterfall "seven sisters". The waterfall has seven water streams so the architecture has seven levels.
3. Concrete is the main material in this object because it looks like natural stone.
4. Viewpoint smoothly passes into the landscape and merges with the environment.

Entering into a dialogue with the environment, this architecture looks like a thing created by nature, not by man.

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