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Başkent University / tr Turkey
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A fjord is a long and deep inlet of ocean which can be found in many countries. In fact, the Norwaigian fjords are particularly famous, when considering “fjord” is a norwegian word gone international, related to the Viking phrase: “where you travell across”(der man ferder over).

In this fjord of Norway with striking landscapes and a stuning scenery with deep blue water, flowing waterfalls and sharp snow capped mountains, the crucial question is may fjord vistors who are travelling across understand actually where they are situated in this extended landscape while discovering a new way of virtual experience beyond the fjords own potential in the course of their travel.

Main concept of the project is based on the idea of answering this crucial question by creating an object that operates similar to a certain extent as a traditional “lighthouse” principle. A lighthouse can be defined simply as a structure that serves navigational aid on the shorless sea, visible in all weather conditions, providing stability and direction.
The design which we called “Lighthouse of Fjords” is esentially serving the visitors of fjords such as a lighthouse which helps to find their way both in day and night or in any weather. The huge simple shperically shaped design is located at a point on the fjord that maximally visible in the area by both its size and position.

But what is more of a “lighthouse of fjords” from a traditional lighthouse is the task we oriented to design, that is actually the fundemental purpose of the design’s presence. The “lighthouse of fjords” provides a new point of view and an enchancing perspective of look by its mirror materialised surface with a convex reflection.

Design is principally working such as a convex mirror with a behavior of making rays diverge upon reflection.In that way convex mirrors have wider fields of view. Correspondingly, the sphere will provide an unique image, a wide look throughout the fjords, which naked eye wouldn’t able to see.

From the top of snow capped mountain of fjords, the bottom of the valley, cruiseships passing trough the fjord, a hiker, a moutain biker, a camper, a passanger will capture different perspectives, observe the landscape from the reflected image on the sphere.
The bridge designed as a encircling structure surrounding the sphere is not only a transition construction but also provides a complete experience of the stunning view by ensuring a walk for travelers around the sphere.

The design will be a landmark on the fjord that may not only be a navigator that defines a position but also it will define a meeting point, starting point, check-out point, a reach point, etc.

Not only Geiranger Fjord needs a lighthouse, not all the 1190 fjords of Norway with similar attraction reasons but at least most touristic ones of those will need this architectural landmark: “the lighthouse of fjords”. So we propose this lighthouses for all those fjords of the norway coastline. With this way, in a world with thousands of fjords, the exclusive Norwaigian fjords that happens to be the origin of the word, will be aprreciated and become an architectural reference for Norway.

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