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Nakkanetriangel is a new Norwegian icon that oscillates between the traditional architecture and the modernity. The main established goal for the project was not
to intrude upon nature, but be in accordance with the existing landscape. Nakkanetriangel is a hybrid that offers an experience of touching unaffected nature beauty with minimal intervation to the area. The choice of location was very well thought out. The area does not require much intervention and is connected to the existing tourist route. What is more it is close to the city Valldal where is a sawmill. Thus, it will be easier to get local construction material which is an important aspect of sustainability.

I believe that conservation of topography is a very significant point. Normally, it is required annihilation of the site. Retention of the initial site is an approach to respect that enviroenment precedes. Therefore, building is mounted on a steel rods drilled into the fjord. In this way extant vegetation and topography is unharmed. In the nearby area there are many waterfalls, thanks to which the building draws energy. It is especially needed to warm the roof on which people can wander or sleep in the bedroll during the starry nights.

Existing valleys have been filled by glacier during glaciation. It’s shape is metaphorically replicated in a rigid outer shell of the building. Appearing triangles imitate not only the shape of glaciers, but also roof rafters in the traditional Norwegian wooden houses. On the other hand, the floor plan follows the restricted sea levels lines and the shape of the u-valleys. The core from wooden rafters is shaped like ice that has beed eroded by natural forces like wind and running water and transfered into more equable forms inside. Frequent colors used as plaster in houses have been reproduced inside the Nakkanetriangel. Obtained from natural dyes, some elements in the seats copy the characteristic colors.

A triangular shape pop up from the surface of the fjord catch the light and signal the viewpoint presence . The sloping roof allows the visitors to meander around intuitive and inviting complex while they can admire the beauty of untouched nature. It is a project that refers to the tradition and past in a unconventional, poetic and imaginative way. The line of light of the triangular form acts on the imagination of the viewer and organizes the space for the relax and new ways of contemplation. Glass curtain panels open towards the landscape, and tilt into the side of the rock. This creates the feeling of delving into the receding space of water and fjords. Lying inside during colder days, you can admire the sky through skylights, which also form a natural barrier.

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