Viewpoint of the Fjords

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People don’t like simple solutions, they are attracted by adventure! Someone was in Paris and didn’t climb the Eiffel Tower? Who visited China, didn’t take the time to the Great Wall of China? Overcoming obstacles makes us stronger and our lives more meaningful. My project is a challenge for everyone who dares to think about life and will be rewarded with the incredible beauty of the view from heaven.

The project is a road along the top of the sheer wall of the Seven Sisters, leading to the sky. Length - 4 km - quite a long way. Here you either go forward or go back. The beginning is located from the gulf - it can be reached only by water transport. Because of its inaccessibility, Tape-Line-Way attracts not only tourists, but also locals, who can find solitude here on top. The end is an observation deck-console, floating above the water and offering a beautiful view of the whole Storfjorden.

The path fits into the landscape and becomes an integral part of it. It begins to live with Fiordi.

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