Viewpoint of the Fjords

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VOF - 1241
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VOF (View of Norway) is a unique place where visitors can experience the natural wonders of the Fjord.

It is a place for meditation where people can experience a close relationship with nature, water and the steep mountainfeet of the Fjords.

After a 5 minutes ride with shifting views of the Fjord and waterfalls kayaks arrive to the LANDING POINT, where the hike to the viewpoint begins. Here people learn about the hazards of the trip and get the equipment needed.

After a 30 minutes hike visitors reach the viking farm of Skagefla, where they can rest protected from the extreme climate conditions in the FARM SHELTER.

These grassroofed farms are historic medieval buildings where viking sheperds practiced transhumance, hence moving from one farm to another depending on the season.

Around the historic farm three new grassroofed volumes are built embracing a central lawn. Visitors can taste some local Fjord gastronomy in the EAT & DRINK space and learn about the Fjord nature, history and formation process in the FJORD LEARNING space before they walk to the edge of the mountain to experience the view of the Fjords at its best.

There are two lookout points, one directly in front of the Seven Sisters waterfall and another one catching the long view towards the outer part of the Geirangerfjord.

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