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VERTICAL PORT - WORMHOLE : Junction of the Parallel Dimensions

APP - 1212
Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, Serbia / rs Serbia
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Hristina Stojanović

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Port represents a multi-purpose crossroad, an intersection of a river and the city, of different levels, types and directions of movement, of the East and the West, the meeting place of Belgrade and Europe. Complex stratification of movement, perception and use of the space between transport zones creates a hybrid of new architectural programme and the existing transport systems in the form of an intermodal junction of vertically organized traffic flows which culminate with conjunction of parallel dimensions at their highest and lowest points.

This hybrid, titled Vertical Port, creates conditions for the integration of all forms of transport within wider area of Belgrade. This integration process is based on restructuring the existing forms of traffic infrastructure into complementary subsystems that power the port and conduct the distribution of passengers both inside and outside the city area. Created interspaces, implemented in the port system, are programmed for cultural, touristic and service content.

In the context of the river bypassing the city, through the prism of the science of the universe and the theory of everything, this space can be perceived as a kind of wormhole from which one dimension can seep into another, and viceversa.

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