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A Vertical Limit to the Park. Platforms for Living

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USI Università della Svizzera Italiana - USI AAM Università di Architettura di Mendrisio / it Italy
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A vertical limit for the Park – Platforms for living

DIPLOMA FROM BRUSSELS WITH LOVE - by Kersten Geers - Atelier Aires Mateus

BRUSSELS - Takeda – Chaussée de Gand 615 / Molenbeek Sint-Jean -

A huge green area, which has always been a cemetery, is slowly being reduced due to the commercial and industrial chaotic development of the city of Brussels. As a way of preserving this historical settlement, the graveyard has been re-designed into a more open park, following the example of the North European cemetery. A strong architectural gesture signals this urban void. A Tower.
Building vertically allows one to reduce the footprint of the intervention. The tower is composed of platforms that are inhabited according to the different needs of the users through time, allowing ever-changing spaces and activities.
Although the given structure has a precise set of measures, the use of each single platform is open and adaptable.

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