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Vertical Farm-Final Project

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Indonesia is a developing country. It is a very rich country, rich in natural resources and the extraordinary natural potential, but we did not use it wisely, so we still need to import large quantities from other countries. The agricultural sector is having a strategic role in national economic development structures. However, this is unlikely to be a concern of the Agriculture Department of Indonesian Government. Agricultural development is considered to be the most important development of the country, but from the welfare and income level of farmers, we can see in Indonesia, its development is still far from stabilized. Even until now, for such an important thing of a country, government still have no good solution. Not to mention the food is a basic human need.

1. Create more agricultural land to farmers to provide more job opportunities. In the development of cities, agriculture will perpetuate. May 2015, the Ministry of Agriculture for Agricultural Development Prospects in Indonesia and Planning he expressed the hope that in the future Indonesia can have more farmland, planning objectives is to achieve 730,000 ha. In this design, each building is expected to provide about 8 hectares of farming to lighten the burden of agriculture crisis in Indonesia.

2. Establish a place where people can enjoy a nature in the city, and to learn and explore agricultural science environment. The main object of our education is for young people and children, to create such an environment in the city, not only to cultivate their interest in agricultural science, but also to inspire them and for general public to love and blend to the nature.

3. To provide safe and reliable organic food. Here, all crops from planting, maintenance, harvesting, production until the final products, the whole process is under the people's surveillance, and also by the government department supervision. No any pesticides or other dangerous chemicals is used, so that the general public can feel secure, and this also can reduce the damage to the environment.

4. Increasing domestic food production and reduce dependence on foreign food imports.

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