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Valiasr Commercial Center

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University of Tehran / ir Iran, Islamic Republic of
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“An ideal space cannot be neutral because it does not foster the imagination due to the lack of emotions and feelings.”- Brooke
Collage is referred to pictures that are made by putting together several smaller images. Here are two things that matter: 1) The essence of each image 2) Composition of images By this method, final result of the work is obtained at the very beginning, and the idea is the same as my ideal. This is the same playground of fantasy and abstraction, and it's the same mysterious space you could make memories with. An architectural collage suggests new narratives, dialogues, juxtapositions, and timelines. And what's more important than anything else is my handwriting, that if I make thousands of collages, it will be repeated. This collage is the representor of my imagination, my ideal, my meeting place and my memory.
The subject of my design was a commercial center with an infrastructure of 5000 sq. meters on Valiasr Street. It supposed to be a mixed used center with shops, cinema theaters, super market, kids’ room, food court, outdoor cafes, stores, and parking spaces. We were expected to design a commercial center with a function beyond simply shopping. A place to spend a memorable day. A meeting point. I never tried to design the outer volume of the building like a sculptural and impose a function to it. What's going on inside is far more important than the outside of the figurative volume.
At first, the most ideal interior spaces with unique colors and materials are created using architectural collages. For this, I first collected the photos we liked from magazines and architectural books. Then, I put these pictures together and looked at them from a distance of 3 meters. The goal was to reach a perspective of an architectural space with the spirit and features unique for myself.
After that, I tried to extract the sketches from the picture for a better understanding of spatial relationships. In the next step, these sketches found a three-dimensional embodiment in the shape of s mass model that must have ultimately been delicate and obedient to the overall spirit. In my first effort, I had to build a fully loyal model to one of the collages. In subsequent attempts, I made changes in the collage even merged two collages, when the mock-up was completed and compatible with the images, two-dimensional architectural drawings must have been drawn. In a reciprocating process, plans and the mock-up were completing each other and were resolving the ambiguities. I tried to do some geometric and radial divisions in the plans in order to improve the rhythm of the spaces and to give each function a proper area. These divisions, which later became axes for columns, were based on geometric angles. These columns, latterly, determined the parking lots and stores in the basement.
The external form gradually shaped based on the internal space. Structural criteria such as the clear span or geometric modules were considered which led to a complete and static building. As an interesting fact, that forms created cannot be created using conventional architectural methods. They are beautiful, logical and applicable forms. At the end, when all the interior spaces were designed, it was time to present several alternatives for the facades and external coatings. The main challenge was to provide a model that was harmonized with the internal architecture and its reflection. I decided to use radial coatings such as shell structures, based on the radial division and the centrally concentrated geometry of my design. The design of the landscape, the entrances of the building, and the parking area were done in the end.

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Valiasr Commercial Center is one of the best places in this city, and I want to visit this place with all my friends. I know the situation is not quite well in Iran right now, but I can hope.

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