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Urban Tent [APP1068]

APP - 1068
Universidad de Talca / cl Chile
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Treicy Isamitt

Project type:
Espacios Públicos

Urban Tent its a installation designed for Final Degree Project with the objective to study a place and make an installation low cost for any community, made during 2014.

“Urban Tent” is a project based on the study of the configuration of circus tents and nomadic settlements.

This installation didn't have a determinative program. Therefore, the space is open for those wishing to use it.

The project its walking in a circular allowing connects with the environment, performing it under a shadow sifted thanks for the material (burlap) to the tent and its height (five meters) which creates an atmosphere according to the place and the existing high temperatures.

Burlap blue it´s the principal material for design the project, because it is the membrane which is adapted to form a living space, like the old circuses. Work with any materials and tools to create a volume with innovation and relevant to the landscape.

Circular manner in which the project is walking is the main basis for achieving connect with the environment. Walking the in the shadow generated, the absence of program, allow people in the sector occupied the store in different ways and for different purposes.

The project is intended for characters related to the circus, which are distributed within Curicó; allowing the concentration of occupations in one physical place.
Although the project is focused for people who have related to the circus activities, connected with a group of playground equipment, which allows people rate variations inside the tent.

The project is completed end of the year 2014 with a great reception from the community.

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