Outstanding Architecture and Design Final Degree Project Award

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OA - 1071
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University / hk Hong Kong
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YAO Xiaoqian

Project type:
Residencial Colectiva

Based on research, 80% of food in Hong Kong is imported which has implications for the associated environmental footprint. Therefore, the project proposes a design that encourages the community to develop a local sustainable system within residential buildings in Hong Kong.
To support the autonomy of regional food supply, agricultural elements and alternative ways of energy production are created and integrated within the existing fabric of public housing. In addition, spatial compositions of domestic households are reconfigured and designed to facilitate a communal collaboration system for the increase of small households in dwellings. The cycle of food production is linked with the daily routine of the residents creating an interdependent living system.
Illustrated in a narrative way, the design tells the story of a new communal engagement and the longing for a harmonious residential community working together to build a sustainable environment for the future.

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