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IWC - 1395
Universiteit Hasselt / be Belgium
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Dimitri Daniels
Luk Schevernels
Mesut Sonmez
Wim Boons

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The vachellia eroloba trees are a landmark for the Kruger National Park. Present in the entire park, these trees form a safe habitat and source of nutrition, cool shading and a habitat for many of the parks wildlife.
As young architects we are inspired by this landmark of the Kruger National Park, and decided to create an architectural translation of this tree and its interaction with its landscape, wildlife and visitors. The vastness of the Park together with the migrational patterns of the wildlife inspired us further to chose for a structure that was not only adaptable, but also expandable and transportable. Therefore we decided on a steel grid structure which can be dismantled and rebuilt elsewhere.
In this structure we fit in standard shipping containers as living quarters and secondary functions, which can easily be added or removed and transported elsewhere by truck.
The flexibility of the structure and the standard size of the containers allows new spaces to be created in interaction with the landscape. Transparency and interaction with the landscape is created by placing the containers in a specific way, so that openings in allow sunlight to go in while creating panoramic views on the outside landscape. Sustainability and respect for nature are integrated in the design by carefully and thriftily using land, water and energy. Waist water is filtered and recycled as irrigational water for the growth of food crops while solar panels generate electricity.

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