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A TOURIST CENTER in Karfiguéla waterfalls locality in Burkina Faso

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Ecole Africaine des Métier de l'Architecture et de l'Urbanisme / bf Burkina Faso
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Tindamanegre Fabien Cesar KOALA

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One of the great landscape riches of Burkina Faso is its waterfalls region. With a more or less dense vegetation and a very rugged relief, it has a magnificent landscape which, valued, represents an undeniable tourist asset for the development of the country. However, the activities practiced by the local population as well as unregulated tourism, cause long-term degradation of the flora. Developing tourism in this region therefore represents a good economic alternative to help local populations. This is the objective of this personal end-of-study work entitled "A TOURIST CENTER in Karfiguéla waterfalls locality in Burkina Faso".
Our project is divided into two parts: the first part is devoted to the presentation, and to the analyzes and diagnosis and the second part to the proposals.
The first part presents tourism, more specifically tourism in Africa. In addition, it addresses the presentation of Burkina Faso, its economic potential and its tourist potential. Then comes the presentation of the locality of Karfiguéla, its potentialities, and the impacts of the economic activities which are practiced there.
The second part presents and explains the proposal issued following the analyzes carried out. We offer a guest house on the site of the Karfiguéla waterfalls, which aims to preserve and enhance the landscape of Karfiguéla; while making it profitable. The project aims to be harmonious with its environment, generating income and creating jobs for the host community while respecting their socio-cultural identity.

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