Viewpoint of the Fjords

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TOTF Temple of the Fjord

VOF - 1364
Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie / Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture Paris-Malaquais / br Brazil
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Thomas Mayer

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Our proposal is a space of contemplation. We wanted to emphasize the virtues of the stunning scenery of the Norwegian fjords with a unique viewpoint.
The concept was focused on the site location, in the intersection of 3 main views: the forest, the mountain, and the waterfalls. We created an extension of the landscape which offers a succession of moments: the entrance through the woods, the café to the hill, the sauna to the waterfalls and the roof as a combination of all of them. The three boxes are based on a single wooden prefabricated module tilted on one side and attached together to follow the natural shape of the Geirangerfjord. The Temple of the Fjord appears suspended in between the woods, reaching out to the landscape as a connection between nature and architecture.

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