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To the Sun

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University of Montegro / me Montenegro
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Savo Radovic

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Ibiza is a rock island covering an area of 572.56 square km . Well known for it night activities, Ibiza is also a wonderfull island, with emeralds beaches, and an always blue sky.The project is stationed on little isle '' Illa de sa mesquita '' .The idea of this project is to afford visitors unusual , better ,comfortable place . and to give them better place for rest , enjoyment and fun . isle is connected with land with bridge , which has usage like leisure area . The project consists from three parts : the restaurant area ,the main leisure area ( in the middle ) and the isle . Also consists : leisure area , entrance area , water sports area , restaurant are , mooring area , performance area , vip are , pool area , small food , drink and leisure area all over the isle . The isle give a chance the people , to enjoy on many ways and give them comfortable stay . Every part of project is characteristically by themself. Restaurant are is placed in the cave . Main leisure area is like natural bridge between isle and restaurant area . And the isle is characteristically area where everything is connected and put together for better comfort bigger pleasure

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