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Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Valladolid / es Spain
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A kindergarten is a child's world during the first years of his education, during his first steps. In
order to imagine this kindergarten I considered what would be the smallest unit from which to
start. As a starting point I thought about a class. A classroom where children wanted to learn,
had illusion ... a place where they were happy.
I focused on how the teachers could manage to keep their students motivated, active, hungry
for learning and a bite foolish. While I targeted all the issues, I realized that a class was not the
smallest element. Each child is different, responds, gets excited and lives the kindergarten in a
different way ... each child is a project.
This kindergarten responds to the gaze of a child, of every child who is part of it. Its goal is to
provide a space to each and every one of them. Listen to them in order to educate them and
have the necessary freedom to be able to move according to their needs and curiosities.
The astronaut always reminds us of space, stars, in a certain way... dreams. For this reason,
the figure of the astronaut is the representation of children. It is the figure that show us the path
and invites us to see their hobbies, curiosities ... opens the door to the kindergarten of their
dreams, to the new planet where they have just landed.
A place full of light, color, vegetation and where dynamic and flexible movements favor daily
activities and classes. Children can develop their emotional sensitivity, discover ways to express
themselves, acquire knowledge and absorb all these experiences together with their playmates
and teachers. All together they will grow and help each other in this stage where the playground
will become the foundation and the base of their future. A future where they know how to be
critical and their curiosity is as great as their dreams.

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