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SFC - 1147
Universidad Piloto de Colombia / co Colombia
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Daniel Fernando Vanegas Rodriguez

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The project is conceived as a system of "seed" modules that grow according to the demand of the population of the municipality of Suesca. Each of these modules has the capacity to house 15 to 30 children, providing them with a flexible interior space, similar to a blank canvas, where children can develop activities in three main areas or teaching nucleus such as: Arts (plastic, music and corporal ), Natural Sciences (exploring the landscape) and Literacy and rationing. These nucleus are organized like stones scattered in the landscape, united by an active circulation in the educational process. The design of the proposal aims to give children the opportunity and courage to explore the nuclei, and learn through playful activities to finally share the knowledge with their peers, around the installation. The knowledge, exploration and socialization process of sharing the information obtained between children are the basis of creative thinking.

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