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SFC - 1129
Facultad de arquitectura y Urbanismo, Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Argentina / ar Argentina
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Paula Iparraguirre

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This space pretends to be a kind of uterus where children can grow sheltered, but also where the full potential of human beings has space to be explored, it will invite them to create imaginary worlds and recognize different types of inflatable games that they can transport themselves, stack, hook, couple and thus build different circuits together with their companions. They will be able to create new routes and sub-spaces to scale according to their age. These elements will be located inside a large translucent inflatable container, held in place by external tensioners that print their "particular" morphology and that will make it easily recognizable at a distance by children.
The flexibility that the creation of inflatable enclosures allows us will allow us a functional multiplicity, which can become more complex or simplified according to the activities and needs of each stage of learning or growth, they can be inflated for use or reserved folded for other circumstance. For example, with the arrival of the current pandemic, a disinfection room and shoe storage could easily be attached before entering the nursery space itself.
At this time, architectural technologies will tend to be extremely adaptable to changes, they must be economical, sustainable and quick to assemble, have no superfluous elements and always aim to improve spatial experiences and our quality of life.

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