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SFC1105_The Floor is Lava

SFC - 1105
Bahcesehir University / tr Turkey
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Mina Hazal Tasci

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Cultural Y Espectáculos

The Floor is Lava
Being informed and learning are two different procedures. Gathering information is relatively easy in the Age of Information, although learning is not. Because it is a personal experience that differs for each individual. Education paradigms are seem to transform from the first one to the latter; thus it is hard to form a generic educational model which will appeal to every single individual in a same and positive way. First step of having a positive impact on learning process is maybe acknowledging that people cannot be educated, instead they simply learn, naturally.
It is repeatedly proved that children are extremely talented learners. This creates both a power and fragility at the same time. They are learning via creating life experiences —simulations so to be said— that allows them to obtain the required experience that they need in life, and they call this intricate, well designed lifelike simulations, GAMES. Games are instinctive and spontaneous ways of involving to learning process for children. It happens naturally, important components and outcomes of natural learning via games are as follows:
Ability to socialize: Children learn from their peers the most. “Man is by nature a social animal”; thus, sociability is an important tool for creating learning experience for children. Problem solving: Analytical thinking is already considered as one of the most important object of educational models. Undoubtedly, it is an important outcome of learning, but not the only one.
Body movement: Children use their bodies as a tool for learning. Although, today’s education technologies are designed to educate the mind and mind only, body and mind are not separable.
In order to accompany the transformation of educational models; what may be done by designers is to provide convenient environmental settings, in which children can create games freely. Even space itself has to become an entity and a tool for the game, in which children can socialize easily, maintain mental activities and freely move their bodies.
Luckily today’s technology allows us to create such an experience for the children in the most efficient way, more than ever before. There are abundance of tools that allows us to create a better and more interactive ways of letting the children creating their games. With the use of Extended Reality [an umbrella term for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality technologies] we can achieve all these goals, by providing a gaming environment. These kind of digital technologies are already applied to a great number of different fields. Although there are numerous pilot studies for educational purposes, on the ground that that digitalizing harms children negatively, the idea of implementing such technologies to learning processes is still a distant idea for the majority. Which may be a legitimate debate in some cases.
But in general, extended reality technologies are not only necessary and beneficial for educational purposes, but also inevitable. Actually, I believe it is the only way to revolutionize the educational technologies that we use today in a positively.

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