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Universidad de Santiago de Chile / cl Chile
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Felipe Orellana Chandía

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Green Spaces for Grey Zones

It is a fact that architectural design can enhance skills, awake intuition, and establish unique spatial awareness that we, the users, believed we did not have in our day to day life. This exploratory way of learning can also be very significant through the built spaces, also can be even more impressive at an early age thus projecting a promising personal future. But, what happens to those who do not have the possibility until a late age of development to have contact with other living beings of our ecosystem?
This Project proposes a replicable solution in different urban contexts for the countries and less benefited communities of our societies, and its values is to stimulate the learning of children in green oasis, that generates a meeting point for the surrounding community and that puts value in places where a hostile enviroment develops.
Green Spaces for Grey Zones, proposes a simple model and easy constructive development of public squares, community orchard and nursery schools, wich function as a system focused on the feedback of these three elements, with the main objective of offering the greatest number of experiences for the children who observate and feel, the trees, the birds and the act of sharing with their older ones.
The specific place in wich the project is located serves as an example of the previously exposed description. The commune of “El Bosque” or by its name in english “The Forest”, paradoxically, is one of the urban districts with the least amount of green areas in Santiago de Chile, it only has 1.9 square meters of green areas per person, contrasted with the 16 square meters per person recommended by the WHO. This community is also characterized by having great vulnerability and crime rates, and of course today its far from being a comfortable place for child care and learning process.

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