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SFC1082 The hanging mobile

SFC - 1082
Instituto Técnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey / mx Mexico
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Maricarmen Canales Cruz

We are facing an age where the functionality of a space is well defined by the position of elements controlling and limiting our way to use it.

The hanging mobile aims to detached the relation between a defined activity and the space. Offering a round free area as a multipurpose space, two cross columns supporting a concrete slab with a secondary rail system that hangs the main characters of a space, walls and furniture. A rational grid 1m x 1m organizes the hanging elements composed by textile curtains, plywood walls, chairs, tables, slides, pillows and toys. Every kid will be able to move any element to create his path, set his boundaries, chose the furniture he wants based in his needs.

The main idea is to give a blank space to each Kid allowing them to take the space by making creative choices, exploring alternatives, learning through their own experiences, self directed activities, collaborative playing. Giving all the responsibility of their choices and open their minds to any possibility.

The proposal attempt to increase the flexibility, freedom and multiplicity of uses encouraging the kid:

To build a solid foundation for life-long learning.

Develop trust in themselves.

Improve confidence in their emerging abilities.

Gain independence in their daily tasks.

Social development through respect.

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