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Children are masters in creating play areas using their imagination in their homes, schools, and immediate surroundings. Any height they find with their imagination can protect them from the lava of the volcano, or covered narrow spaces, cavities can be transformed into a place of protection from monsters or an area where they play with their friends. Competition spaces were designed with the parameters of the urban pattern by making use of all this imagination and understanding of children's environment. Courtyards, squares, dead-end streets, landscapes and urban layers in the city pattern are used as design parameters. The design, which has a protected view against the outer environment, is composed of permeable spaces inside.
Large and small playgrounds and dining halls in the plan open to the square at the center of the design. The staircases and the areas formed on the edges of the staircase in the large playground create landscape in the interior and provide access to the corridor with classrooms. A viewpoint for courtyard is created by expanding the spaces connecting the classrooms in the corridor. The classrooms were shaped to provide a transition between the square and the courtyard on the floor, and the projections on the floor of the classrooms created new playgrounds for children. The corridor with classrooms reaches dormitories and a small playground with two ramps.
Dormitories are directed towards a second courtyard while less than the square and courtyard. The interior of the bedroom has been upgraded to pull off from the environment while children sleep.
Layered in design so that children can use more playground. These layers are reached by the ramp in the square and due to these layers, the places where children can play games comfortably are designed.

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