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The Power of Playground
Why not?
“Children know much better how they want to learn”
said Olli from Jarvenpaa, director of kindergarten.

When I first started to do my research on new ways of educating, I found different types of theories regarding on how children must learn in a new post-industrial world. There are different views on how to approach a children just like Van Kvyd Pyramid or how to apply divergent thinking, but also which scenarios we have to build to make them grow into this new unknown world. Here, I get trouble with myself.

How can I designed new spaces for future adults which will leave in a future world?

What anyone thought about was COVID-19. So, when I designed this new exploring powerful spaces, I am trying to convert any space, your house, apartment, actual nursery, kindergarten into the spaces contemporary educators think children must learn. In Latin-America, it is very difficult to access to building areas where you can develop brand new modern nurseries or kindergarten. Most of the times, you are dealing with old apartments or houses. But now, it is not only Latin America who is dealing with these issues, the whole world is going into a process of digital education and isolation.

How can we turn houses into creative spaces for children?

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