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SFC - 1109

SFC - 1109
Universidad Central de Venezuela / ve Venezuela
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Manuel Perdigón

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Experimental Nursery School

The role of the architect includes beyond designing adequate spaces, it must guarantee the comfort of the individual that the inhabitants, in addition to promoting and facilitating activities related to the established program.

The first years of a person's life are the most important, it is here where the continuous and progressive acquisition of skills occurs, so constant stimulation and promotion of this development must be provided. It is important to be able to offer children a space that offers a variety of activities and environments, in addition to certain freedoms that allow decision-making within a defined space, ensuring the free expression and beginnings of personality traits and thus optimal psychomotor development.

Taking these aspects into account, a circular apparatus made up of three volumes and a central vegetable patio is proposed as a connecting space. Each of the volumes represents a space of activity necessary for the school day whose circular arrangement allows various guidelines on how to inhabit it, including: service space, space for gross motor development and space for fine motor development and rest. Internally these spaces are divided by unevenness and material changes in the floors in order to enjoy the feeling of a single great environment but without losing the delimitation of the programs, this feature allows caregivers to obtain from the central patio a complete visual of each of the spaces and thus be able to provide greater security and freedom to each of the children in the activities they carry out, in addition each of these spaces has the advantage of offering punctual, controlled and outwardly framed visuals allowing learning from this context from a controlled location.

The divisions between the interior and exterior space are raised through constructive and vegetal vertical dividers.

This appliance has the ability to adapt to different spaces through adjustable legs to any surface, in addition to solar panels, water storage, rainwater harvesting and composting toilets. All these characteristics give it the possibility of establishing it in open places such as parks or squares with warm environments and even in informal or rural settlements where they could have a greater impact on the community.

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