Rural Tourism Accommodation

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RuTA - 1241
Miami Dade College / us United States
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Daniel Carrillo de Albornoz
Gabriela Garcia
Patrick Rattray

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The Mu Chang Chai Lodge Resort was designed to create a nurturing environment for the guests. The
architecture of this structure incorporates the surrounding landscape of cascading mountain terrains.
The design was influenced by the spectacular rice fields in Vietnam. The resort is in South La Pan Tan
with a unique topography which stimulates the senses and give a whole-some feeling of unity with its
surroundings. The resort’s forty-two sleeping quarters wrapping around the mountain, offers a
wonderful view of the rice fields of Vietnam. The main structure consist of three levels which include
the third floor which is the lobby and information center, the second floor is an exhibition space where
events are hosted, and the first floor of the resort is a five-star restaurant with a variety of Asian
cuisines. The courtyard is the common area nestled in center of the resort with access to a pool with
privacy cabanas.

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