Rural Tourism Accommodation

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Irene Aldea Alvarez

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What if you experienced the adventure of being inside one of the stairs to heaven, a place where the own extrusion of the earth invites you to stay and enjoy amazing views to all the surrounding landscape. If you do arrive, you must think about enjoying this beautiful place causing as little impact as possible, but don't worry about it, because the architects of this proposal have thought critically about providing you an accommodation that respects the local environment and permits the inhabitants of this place to welcome you with an accommodation built from a participatory process.

Many architects and thinkers have issued the apparition of “ landscapes of tourism” as a condition that impacts the locality in many forms. For this reason, this proposal tries to respond to the impact in a very humble way, focusing the project in respecting the local entity and adapting as much as possible into the landscape. The composition of the architecture responds to the slopes of the terrace fields as an extrusion of the land that follows the lines of sight, creating an intimate corridor connected to the slope edge and giving access to the beautiful views given by the own landscape. In order to reinforce the idea of “ extruding the landscape,” we have proposed a circular economy construction coming from our studies of the “Hmong house typology” originated from the traditional rammed earth technique. All the materials of our proposal will be coming from the site perimeter and using the own site resources to cause the least impact possible. Moreover, the very process of our proposal intends to promote the local participation of Hmong people by the use of a cultural process used previously in one of the Hmong identified typologies.

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