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La Pan Tan is a village in Mù Cang Chải district of Yên Bái Province, in the Northeast region of Vietnam. This area is poor and relatively undeveloped but very rich in natural beauty. Rice Terrace Fields recognized as one of the unique landscapes of Vietnam, stretching across the mountainside, layer by layer reaching up as endless. This could be an interesting stop for your road trips exploring the region and escape from busy atmospheres of Sapa town or Yen Bai city.

The chosen site has an unique boat-like shape, which cuts the valley into 2 parts: the North-West part is home of small community of H’mong tribe; the South-East part is purely natural beauty of mountain ranges and rice fields. This interesting character of the site creates to two interesting topics for two sides of the projects: integration and escape. the North-West side would be designed as a public part of the projects, where the interactions between guests and local people are encouraged. Meanwhile, at the South-East side the integration between architecture, nature and human experience will be the priority.

A hotel is a complex organization, which includes many disciplinaries: lodging , wellness, dining, exhibitions,... Each of these requires their own spatial expressions, atmosphere, logic in organization, architectural themes. Therefore a hotel could be designed based on the idea of collage of spaces. If each space in the hotel present each experience mentioned above, collage could be able to combine these motifs and fragments from disconnected origins into a new synthetic entity with coherent narratives and dialogues.

The topic of Integration and Escape create 2 types of spaces, both are extrovert spaces but each dialogue with differents objects. The space of “Integration“ encourages the interaction between guests and local people through visual and physical connections at the same time create a background for public activities take place. Meanwhile, the “Escape” part focuses on enhancing the way people interact with nature. In contrast of extrovert spaces, the introvert spaces reflect the localized scale experiences (dark moody interior or private courtyard of a traditional house,..) through their enclosed shaped, low intensity of light and detaching themselves from context. In between theses places are the circulation spaces, which connect these fragments and bring people through the continuous sequences of open and closed space

With natural resources are almost as intact as hundreds of years ago, the context of La Pan Tan is extremely sensitive with any additions. The new hotel with a complex programs requires regionally sensitive approach to the design and construction of buildings with respect to nature and local traditions. There is a necessity to study in depth in climate and site-specific, indigenous forms of local materials to produce high quality project in extraordinary locations. For this reason, hotel proposal tried to rediscover and explore the potentials of traditional construction methods in terms of sustainability and aesthetic expression.

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