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Huda gharandouqa

"The experience of being off the ground evokes a sense of protectiveness, adventure and creates a framework for memories."
At Mù Cang Chải, The local community used boats to travel through rivers that penetrate the huge rice terraces at La Pan Tan.

The idea was to design a small connected blocks, each with a specific function to serve the site tourists.

The typical shape of these blocks was a metaphor from the shape of the plant (Lily) that grows and die in the river: roots (pillars), base(Boat floor), stem (walls and columns), leaves (Roof), and fruit( greenery roof sitting area).

These cabins are connected to each other and to the rice terraces as shown in the drawings.
As for the landscape, a number of stones have been designed to be placed around the cabin to be used as a natural benches so that the tourists can enjoy the charming nature of the site.

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