Rural Tourism Accommodation

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Sapienza Università di Roma / it Italy
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sara riefoli
Volpe Aurelia
Claudio Carmosino

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The assigned area is not historically a destination designed to attract visitors. It is largely rural and relatively poor, but very rich in natural beauty.
The ancient Vietnamese people anthropized in this way the place for the basic reason of survival. To grow rice in vertical conditions, they created a terraced system to control the flux of water.

The countryside is dotted with rustically authentic guesthouses and homestays so so if you are planning to visit the area it often happens that you can be hosted by one of the friendly locals in his house.
This is a place where trekking is popular, as cycling, photography, and other activities.
With tourism numbers increasing, local authorities are looking fot ways to protect local ethnic groups, while raising environmental and ecotourism awareness.

This is not a project that could be tell with one image, buti t consists in a diffuse strategy.
Three types of intervention have been planned:

- an ex-novo building in the village
- a partially addition of a funcional volume to a house
- an addition of an element to a granary

For the realization we have selected low-cost technologies and materials directly available on the site with the intention of considering the context as a programme schedule in which the project actions will constitute an improvement of the existing situation.

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