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The rural district of Mù Cang Chải, located in the northwest of Vietnam, has its landscape internationally recognized for its natural beauty due to the way the local people plant rice. The terraced fields are knowned as “stairs to paradise” and attract many tourists who are looking for this wonder of nature.
In order to provide travelers with a resting space, the La Pan Tan Resort project was developed from the site’s topography and respecting the region's surroundings. To this end, the concept of architectural mimicry was used so the natural landscape would suffer the least possible visual impact. The building was developed on terraces, as well as rice planting, where the garden roofs serve as a patio for the upper floor. In addition, the building’s volumetry follows the contour of the terrain, making it impossible for the visitor arriving on the road to La Pán Tẩn to notice his presence.
The building has 24 rooms distributed equally on 3 floors, where the main entrance is at the top, where a cafe is located overlooking the valley. All dormitories consist of a ofurô and fireplace, providing comfort to visitors at any time of the year.

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